Backpack Giveaway

Empowering the youth starts in the classroom.


Some families cannot afford to pay for a backpack and the proper school supplies their children need. By giving them the backpack and school supplies they need we are able to help those children succeed beyond expectations. We want every child we give a backpack to have a fair chance to succeed like every other student in their classroom.


In 2018, we were able to give out backpacks to children at East Athens Summer Camp and Lay Park Summer Camp. It was important to us that every kid went home with a backpack & school supplies on the last day of camp. We want to thank everyone that helped us out with accomplishing this!


In 2017, we were able to increase our number of backpacks given away by 175 in 2017. Dreams To Kings and Queens hand delivered over half of the backpacks to low income families throughout Athens, Georgia and Atlanta, Georgia. The rest of the backpacks were distributed throughout various schools in those areas and the Athens Area Homeless Shelter.


In 2016, this was our first year doing a backpack giveaway. We were able to distribute backpacks throughout schools in Athens. We met our goal and were able to help out a lot of kids that did not have the necessary supplies for the first day of school. After we had passed out all backpacks we received a last minute donation from Christina Carnes Photography and were able to fill up a numerous amount of boxes with school supplies to help out more school in need of supplies to give to students.

Our Goal For 2019

We’ve been fortunate to give away so many backpacks & school supplies over the past couple of years. Next year we hope to up our number of backpacks to giveaway to 400. We feel like this goal is attainable and will allow us to make an impact in more communities. To any parents or community groups with children in need contact us so that we can make sure your child receives a backpack & school supplies.

Pictures from our backpack giveaway at East Athens Summer Camp this summer. We surprised the campers with backpacks & school supplies on their last day of camp.