Holiday blessings

Bringing joy to children in need.


The holidays can be a rough time for many families around the world. We have taken initiative to provide as many kids as we can with the opportunity to receive gifts so that they can feel the joy of Christmas. Our two holiday projects include our adopt-a-child program and shoebox drive.

Adopt-A-Child Program

We work with families going thru financial struggles to ensure that their kids are able to have a real Christmas Experience. We have been able to bless four children with tons of gifts the past two holiday seasons.

Shoebox Drive

There are millions of children within third world countries that have never had the opportunity to receive a gift. This past holiday season Dreams To Kings and Queens shipped over 40 shoeboxes filled with various gifts and personal care items to children in different countries. These shoeboxes have the ability to change so many lives.


Last year we put together 40 shoeboxes filled with different items for children in third world countries, so they could experience the holiday season.