Dreams To Kings and Queens
"Follow your heart. Be the change!"



We remember being kids trying to do all these different things, but people kept putting us down. Situations like that would cause any of us to lose faith in ourselves and in God. Once we realized who we were suppose to be in life nothing could stop us. We gained an understanding that in life we are all destined to be kings and queens. It's up to us to make that a reality though. That is why we must overcome the obstacles and difficulties we face to live like royalty. 


Our Mission

Dreams To Kings and Queens mission is to inspire individuals to pursue their dreams and create a peaceful life for themselves. We want to empower people to be all they can be. Too many people nowadays get discouraged from chasing their dreams and that is not right. We want to make a difference and change that for good. People deserve to be uplifted at all times, and we plan on giving off all the positive energy we can to do that.

We hope that this website will be helpful to everyone. Appreciate every day you have on this earth, do not take it for granted. Always remember to keep God first, provide good vibes, help your community and be all you can be. May God bless you continuously throughout your journey in life. 

True kings uplift more kings. True queens uplift more queens.
— Tracy Stephens, CEO & Founder

What We've Accomplished

We are proud of what we have been able to achieve and look forward to completing more goals that will be helpful to the people in our local communities.

  • Two $500 Scholarships to help rising seniors pursuing higher learning to succeed in their college education.
  • Provide over 60 backpacks to children who cannot afford to purchase a backpack and basic school supplies.
  • Created 3 shirts that have inspired people to feel like the kings and queens that they are.