Follow your heart. Be the change!



Our goal is to impact students throughout Georgia so that we can empower them to be all they can be when it comes to their academics and dreams. No student (K - 12) should have to struggle when it comes to having the necessary resources to be successful at school. Every student deserves an equal opportunity to succeed academically, regardless what social class they come from.



If we ever want to see a change in this world it starts with all of us. We must come together as one! Making a difference within our communities doesn’t take much. Society may tell you that you need all this money to help impact students positively, but that’s not always the case. There are so many ways you can impact a student’s life. All you need is an open mind and a heart for helping the youth. Everything else will fall into place. That is why we always live by our slogan, “Follow your heart. Be the change!” There are students out here that need us. Let’s all come together and change this world for the better once and for all. Empower the next generation of students!

01. scholarship giveaway

Paying for college can be a tough task for many students that graduate from high school. Most students that cannot pay for college end up never going. We created this scholarship giveaway to help high school students pursuing a college education have a real chance to attend college and get necessary resources they need to be successful throughout their time in college.

02. backpack giveaway

Some families cannot afford to pay for a backpack and the proper school supplies their children need. By giving them the backpack and school supplies they need we are able to help those children succeed beyond expectations. We want every child we give a backpack to have a fair chance to succeed like every other student in their classroom.


“We all have a purpose. I’m thankful that I found mine through making a difference in my community.”

tracy stephens  |  Founder



The start to this organization took place in 2015. Founder, Tracy Stephens started out by making customized t-shirts. He originally named the company Dreams To Kings. A lot of people liked the designs but were wondering why there wasn’t apparel for women. That gave him the idea to add Queens to the organization’s name, which resulted in Dreams To Kings and Queens.

Once he started to sell shirts that were designed for men and women his sales started to rise. In the heat of the moment most people would’ve just taken the money and spent on themselves, but he wanted to give it back to his community. Mr. Stephens is from Athens, Georgia. When most people think of Athens they instantly think of UGA and how perfect they think the city is because of the college being there. Those people don’t realize that Athens is struggling as a city. A lot of people need help there. Around 34% percent of the population lives in poverty. Just knowing that about the city that he comes from made him want to do whatever he could to help as many students as possible to get the academic resources they needed. He did this by starting community service projects like our annual backpack giveaway and scholarship giveaway. Our holiday blessings program that helps families in need fulfill their children’s Christmas wish list was also formed through this.

This journey hasn’t been easy, but doing all these great activities over the last four years has given us the opportunity to expand this organization so that we can help kids throughout Georgia. All the work that we have put in has brought us a long way.